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Setting Your Service Area on Google My Business

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John Locke is a SEO consultant from Sacramento, CA. He helps manufacturing businesses rank higher through his web agency, Lockedown Design & SEO.

If you have a physically located business, you should undoubtedly have a Google+ page for your business (aka Google My Business).

Google My Business is an important piece of local SEO. Your Google+ My Business page is where customers leave you Google reviews, and you can add various information, like your phone number, hours of operation, and address.

So let’s say you’ve already done a reasonable amount of SEO work, and your business is ranking pretty well when people search for “[your city] + [your service]”.

But what if your city is small? And you want to show up in search results when people in the larger city near you search for your service?

What if you’ve been using a UPS Store mailbox to have a presence in that large city down the road from you? But your rankings there have started to slip?

Perhaps you service an area surrounding your office, but you also see clients in that office?

If any of these apply, you’ll probably want to set a service area on your Google My Business page, instead of using the default address alone.

Google gives instructions on how to do this, but this explanation may be easier to understand.

Here’s a step-by-step walk-through of how to set your service area on your Google+ My Business Page:

Setting Your Service Area on Google+

Step 1: Go to your Google+ Account.

Step 2: On the left hand drop-down menu, go to Pages. Find your Google My Business Page. Click Manage Location for the appropriate business.

Step 3: In the top navigation, click Edit Info. You should see your profile, with an Edit pencil icon to the right of each section. Click the Edit link in the Address section.

Step 4: Check the box that says, I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location.

Step 5: Click the radio button that says, within ___ miles of my service location, and set the appropriate distance to reach the neighboring cities you serve.

Step 6: Click the checkbox that says, I also serve customers at my business address.

Step 7: Save.

Google My Business Map of Service Area

Your edits should be live within a few days, as long as Google doesn’t need to verify changes via a postcard sent to your physical address.

Avatar for John Locke

John Locke is a SEO consultant from Sacramento, CA. He helps manufacturing businesses rank higher through his web agency, Lockedown Design & SEO.

16 comments on “Setting Your Service Area on Google My Business

  1. I haven’t been able to find the answer to this; what if I serve customer internationally? I can’t seen to find a way to set this, the max distance seems to be 999km for me. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Greg:

    If your business services international clients, I wouldn’t worry too much about setting a service area. That is more for local SEO, not for international business.

    Depending on whether you have multiple offices, I would instead set up individual locations in Google My Business. If you have a single location, I would just use your physical office address, and not use the service area radius.

    Let me know if that answers your question!


    1. Thanks John, I’ll leave it blank in that case as I am UK based but ship to customers worldwide. It’s bit of a shame Google don’t allow for this.
      Thanks for the advice!

    1. Hi Vinita:

      Yes, and in fact I use it for my own business. I believe I have my own service area radius set at 37 miles within Sacramento, (though obviously, our clients come from all over)!


  3. A nice article. A couple of questions, if I may. Is there a way to determine if a given set of searches has 3 pack list other than searching for them, will this vary by location?

    If you have a UK brand that service customers all over the UK with a single office, but deals with people locally anywhere in the UK would you just set a large service area, or try to create multiple pages?

    1. Hi Adrian:

      Great questions. For the first: Can you tell if a given search has a 3-pack map without doing an actual Google search? Or will this vary by location?

      If you use a tool like Mangool’s SERP Checker, it will tell you if there is a map pack, and give you a preview screenshot of the map. Usually, if there’s a regional modifier in the search query (like a city or country), the map pack will appear. Also, if the search query has a common service (insurance, real estate, web design, plumbing, HVAC), the map usually appears on Page One of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) without the regional modifier.

      To answer the second question, if I had a UK brand that serviced customers throughout the country, and was a single office, I would use a large service area radius. If you were to create separate landing pages for offices in major cities, you’d want to have a office in each of those cities. Now, Google says that they frown on having co-working spaces or virtual offices (like a Regus location) as a business address for city locations. But if you were to have representatives in other cities in such a fashion, you should be create locations on Google Maps. I’ve seen other companies do this successfully, but you’d want to have someone there to meet people during business hours. If that doesn’t sound feasible, I would just stick to the large service area radius.

      Another way you might approach this would be to have a landing page featuring clients from a particular city, if you have enough of them from specific localities. You wouldn’t be able to set up a Google Maps location without an office, but you could probably compete for the regional search terms in organic results for smaller and mid-sized cities. (Example: “SEO Newcastle upon Tyne”, “Brighton SEO”, “SEO in Bristol”).

  4. Hi, I have a tarot company that readings for clients in all UK and America.
    First, I am trying to get my listing to show in the whole of UK done both using postcodes, then trying the 999 km service area.
    Either way, my listing only show in my own postcode area.

    I tried with Google business support, they are a lot of help.
    Could you please so light over this?

    1. Hi Jane:

      I am guessing that your intention is to appear in the 3-pack Google Map at the top of the first page of search results when people search for tarot readings. Unfortunately, for pretty much any type of business, what is going to return are businesses in the local postcode or zip code. If your intention is to reach an international audience through Google search, it’s unlikely to happen through the Google Map, as always favors local results.

      An idea that you might try, if you are not already there is to piggyback off of another service that already has more reach, and is ranking for a generic search for “tarot reading”.

      I noticed that Free-Tarot-Reading[dot]net ranks well for that search term, and there is a tab for “Live Readings”. This seems to pull in results from another service called Kasamba. I don’t know if you have a listing there, but I would investigate it, as it might be a way to get traffic from international searches.

      The reason that I suggest this is the generic (no city modifier) search for “tarot reading” returns a lot of automated readings on page one of Google (Horoscope com, Astrology com, EvaTarot com, Tarot com, etc), so trying to rank above those will be going against the grain.

      I would look at any Partner Programs or 3rd-party sites that let people hire you by the minute as a way to grow your reach beyond your city.

      Hope that helps,

  5. I think they may have gotten rid of this feature. Ive been looking for days on my business and cant find the ability to select your service area, anddo not see “I deliver goods to this area” feature anymore loke I used to.

  6. Hi John,
    We have a cloud services company that operates out of US, Switzerland, and India. Our US office is in NJ and we set up a business page for that location a while back – at the time I didn’t know there was an option to select a service area. Since we don’t really expect people to come to the physical office I would like to update that to a service area. I tried following your instructions but I don’t see a way to edit my location in the Manage locations screen. All I can do is Add location or Create location group. If I select the box in front of the location, an Actions drop-down appears with options like transfer location, permanently remove, etc. nothing like edit or change to a service area. I’m reluctant to remove the property and start again because it’s jumping through hoops to verify everything.

    1. Hi Cleo:

      1. When you go to, find your business location, and click to Manage that location.

      2. On the Business Profile, on the left hand navigation, click Info.

      3. You should see your business info in a blue box: Business Name Business Categories. Directly under that should be a map pin with either your service area or Address. Click that to set your Service Area radius.

      Edit your Google My Business service area

      4. Set the radius around your business that you serve or deliver goods to.

      Set your Google My Business service area

      On a side note, since you are selling to a worldwide market, setting the service area wider won’t make you show up in the local 3-pack map all over the world. For search results with a map at the top of the page, you’ll likely only show up there in New Jersey for this location.

      Hope this helps.


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