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Does Your WordPress Website Need Maintenance?

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding web development is that after your website launches, there is no more need for ongoing work.

But your website runs on software, and software is continuously being updated, to improve user experience, to deploy security fixes, and to introduce new features. In other words, website maintenance is something you have to budget either time or money for.

Your car needs regular oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups. Your house requires regular maintenance on the heating and cooling system, plumbing, repainting and lawn care.

In the same fashion, your website also needs routine maintenance to keep it healthy and performing well.

What Is Your Time Worth?

One of the main reasons business websites end up neglected after they launch is there is no one in the organization that has time to deal with the website.

Business owners may be overwhelmed by the number of things they have to do each day. There may not a marketing team or digital division in the organization to deal with maintaining the website.

One of the things I suggest to businesses in this situation is a basic monthly maintenance package. This allows you to keep your online business running smoothly, while giving you peace of mind each day.

Let someone else worry about the technical details while you worry about building your business.

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What Can Regular Site Maintenance Do For You?

For starters, regular site maintenance can keep your from crashing or getting hacked. Continual maintenance keeps things working smoothly — which is especially important for e-commerce or business websites.

Security Facts

The main causes of compromised and hacked WordPress sites:

  • WordPress version not updated
  • Plugins and/or themes not updated
  • Using “admin” for a user login
  • Hosting environment not updated or maintained properly
  • Weak passwords
  • Malware on personal computer infects site

Keeping your site updated also improves user experience, as you continue to make improvements. This helps you retain and grow your customer base.

You will also need to add pages and content to your site. This shows your customers and the search engines that your business is active and not dormant.

Your website is never truly finished. It is a constantly evolving business and marketing tool.

Whether you have someone internal or hire someone out to do website maintenance, it will need to be done by someone.

At the very least, you will need the software that powers your website to be updated. New versions of WordPress and the plugins that help power your site are continually released. I can make sure these are safely updated, and ensure your site stays functioning correctly.

In addition to necessary site upkeep, monthly maintenance agreements can be used to introduce new website features, or make improvements to your website.

It is highly recommended that you add new content to your site on a regular basis. This shows both your customers and the search engines that your site is still active, and helps attract new prospects about your business. If you need help uploading images or content, you can use your monthly maintenance hours for these tasks.

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OK, I’m Sold. How Much Will I Need To Budget For Maintenance?

Website maintenance packages can be purchased, starting at $249 a month.

Once set up, monthly maintenance agreements will be billed as a recurring monthly payment through PayPal.

Your rate is locked in for the duration of your subscription. This rate will never go up unless you cancel your monthly subscription.

What Do You Get With Your $249 Maintenance Package?

You will receive up to 2 hours each month to do whatever tasks need doing. This can include:

  • Updating WordPress version
  • Updating themes and plugins
  • Backing up site files
  • WordPress technical support
  • Review and delete spam comments
  • Feature or plugin suggestions
  • Scan for broken links
  • SEO audits, reports and suggestions
  • Page speed evaluations
  • Site performance enhancements
  • Site content evaluation and suggestions
  • Uploading and formatting site content
  • Image manipulations
  • Ongoing web design
  • Web development

Need more work done each month?

No problem. Contact me for custom-sized monthly packages.

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Ala Carte Services

Lockedown SEO offers certain one-time services for ala carte prices.

Website Migrations

I can help you migrate your website from one hosting server to another, or help you move your content from another platform to WordPress.

Because there are many variable factors that go into a site migration, there isn’t a single, easily quoted price I can give you without knowing more details. You’re welcome to contact me regarding your site migration. Once I discover the specific details of the migration project, I can give you an accurate custom quote.

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