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SEO Services

Our web design and SEO services allow us to do what we do best. We help manufacturing companies rank higher in Google, and drive targeted traffic to their website.

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Lockedown SEO offers a wide variety of search engine optimization services. Our engagements start with an in-depth, human-researched SEO audit of your site. Then we take the necessary steps to improve your ranking. Our unique background in SEO, web development, and content strategy allows us to deliver a measurable ROI to your company.

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SEO for Manufacturing Companies

We do our best work with manufacturers, helping them drive more targeted traffic to their websites. We offer a variety of search engine optimization services for industrial companies: keyword research, content planning, link building. In short, all the vital work it takes to rank higher in Google, so you get more RFQs, and you sell more B2B machinery.

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Sacramento SEO web design: Blur lines in big city

Sacramento Web Design

We specialize in custom web design and WordPress theme development for growing companies. Our websites are one-of-a-kind, not run-of-the-mill.

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Sacramento SEO Audit using Google Analytics

Professional SEO Audits

SEO drives traffic and revenue. Step one in improving is an SEO Audit. Think of SEO Audits as a full diagnostic for your website SEO.

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Sacramento SEO company doing local SEO: city with map markers

Local SEO

Getting crushed in the Google rankings by your local competitors? We can help you win in your local market, and get your phone to ring.

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Google AdWords Management

AdWords Management

In many industries, your competitors are leveraging Google AdWords (PPC) as well as search engine optimization (SEO). AdWords appear at the top of the page in search results, and it is estimated about 10-15% of people click these instead of scrolling to organic search results. We help set up and manage your Google AdWords campaigns […]

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Sacramento SEO company: Tower Bridge in Sacramento

Sacramento SEO

If you're based in the Sacramento metro area, and tired of dealing with anonymous out-of-state SEO agencies, call us. Our Sacramento SEO experts can help you rank higher in Google.

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More About Our SEO Services

If you want to rank higher in Google, and drive targeted traffic to your site, you’ve come to the right place.

Our web design and SEO services allow us to focus on making manufacturing and industrial companies rank higher in Google, and driving targeted traffic to their websites.

Lockedown SEO offers a variety of SEO services. We’ll do an SEO audit of your site, and then take the necessary steps to improve your ranking. Our unique background in SEO, web development, and content strategy allows us to deliver a measurable Return On Investment to your company.

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Why trust us for your SEO?

Other SEO companies use short-term tactics to make you rank (for a little while). We follow SEO best practices, as outlined in Google’s quality guide. By avoiding tricks and manipulation, you will avoid a Google penalty that can hurt your long-term SEO.

Our goal is to make your site the best it can be, instead of tricking search engines into thinking it is the best.

The reason we do this is clear. Rankings only matter if they translate into revenue.

By focusing on improving the overall quality of your site, you will gain more customers, clients, and distributors.

Do we guarantee rankings?

Google changes their ranking algorithm several times a day, based on their data. Because of this, we do not guarantee a #1 ranking for any specific search term. We also recommend against trusting anyone who says they can guarantee you will rank #1. Because the ranking algorithm uses machine learning (AI), not even the Google employees know what page will be #1 for a given search, day to day.

That said, here’s what we do guarantee.

We will follow best SEO practices and teach your team how to do likewise. Also, your website will improve in rankings for your targeted search terms. The more resources we can put towards improving your SEO, the faster your rankings will improve.

Our pledge is to write content for your customers, not machines, so you can make more sales.

How fast will I see improvement in my SEO?

Every site is different, and every industry vertical is different. A lot will depend on how much work we need to do to get your site ranking where it needs to be.

We start with the SEO audit of your site. That will tells us where you’re at right now, why your competition is beating you, and what steps we need to take to get you ranking higher in Google. We use that information to create a battle plan for getting you above your competitors.

Because most businesses coming to us are already way behind their competition, we ask for a minimum six-month commitment, so we can do what it takes to gain ground in the rankings. Our clients generally see SEO improvement after the first month.

How much should I budget for SEO?

Getting back links built, content written, and making site improvements takes time and resources. We have found that a minimum engagement of $2000 per month allows us to get these crucial things done each month. That said, we can do as much work as you are willing to invest into your SEO budget.

We work mainly with manufacturing companies and industrial firms. Our monthly SEO retainer will likely not be a good fit for solopreneur businesses like real estate agents, home businesses, or other one-person businesses. Established businesses that want to accelerate their growth are our ideal clients.

How do I get started?

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