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Why You Should Be Gathering Web Content Early

There’s something amiss about the way most of us are designing and producing websites today. I’ve been noticing it for a long time, and it’s something that almost every designer I know is guilty of. I can’t even say I’m calling anyone out on this, because it feels like 95% of freelancers, agencies, and consultancies […]

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Content First Web Design

Perhaps the most underestimated component of a website is its content. Like print, radio, and television before it, the internet is a unique information-sharing technology with its own advantages and challenges. Yet many web studios inadvertently teach their clients that the presentation matters a lot, and what is being presented matters far less. I believe […]

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Design And Creativity Are Not The Same

Many people talk about designers or anyone else in the web industry as creatives. This enforces a destructive fallacy. Design and creativity are not synonymous, even though that’s how they are perceived. Allow me to explain. When people think of creatives, they think of the Mad Men era team sitting around brainstorming—waiting for inspiration to […]

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