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Setting Clear Expectations For Work Performance

Businesses of every size value high performing employees. Savvy businesses spend a lot of time thinking about what characteristics their company culture should exhibit. The ultimate goal is to hire the most talented employees, who are self-starters, and take ownership of their work and any problems they encounter. But hiring is not a perfect process, […]

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How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

Websites have software updates, and it is important to update your version of WordPress and plugins regularly. The reality is that someone has to do this, whether it is someone internal, or an outside web professional. But according to today’s stats (August 2020) — on what version of WordPress people are running on their websites, […]

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Balancing Business, Creative and Technical Skills

If you’re an independent web professional, how to you balance your energy between business, creativity and technology? When you’re flying solo, you have to focus on every aspect of your business, while working towards making the business larger than yourself. One thing that is helpful is to create enough room in your schedule to handle […]

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