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Talking YouTube Marketing on the Honest eCommerce Show

Recently, I sat down with Chase Clymer and Annette Grant of the Honest eCommerce podcast to talk about using YouTube videos to reach more customers. Chase had reached out to me, because he saw what I was doing with my YouTube channel, and very graciously asked me to share those insights with their audience. The […]

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Talking Content First Strategy on

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with my friend Jackie D’Elia of Jackie D’Elia Design. She just launched a show called, the forward-thinking podcast about web design and front-end development in WordPress. We’ve had several discussions leading up to this about content first strategy and design, which is the polar opposite of […]

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Gratitude For The Grind (Any Audience Is Amazing)

Running a business is hard. Our viability depends on a steady stream of customers coming through our doors. There are days when it seems like our competitors are beating us at every turn — for attention, for publicity, for those customers that we need to stay afloat. There are billions of people all fighting for […]

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