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Talking Google’s Long Term Thinking on The WP Minute

Recently my colleague Matt Medeiros, invited me to contribute a piece to his new project, The WP Minute. I wanted to share some observations on the long term direction that Google has had for it’s organic ranking algorithm. Specifically, I wanted to look at statements that the then-CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, made in 2008 […]

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“Another Business Appears in Google For Our Company Name?”

An interesting viewer question came in: “My client has a website, when they Google their domain name, another website comes up instead of theirs. Why is this happening? How can we fix this?” Upon investigating, I found a few things out. I’ll keep the information anonymous, but you should get the idea. Website #1 is […]

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Google “Penalties” Don’t Always Work How You Think

Why aren’t big brand websites hit with “duplicate content penalties” or other ranking demotions for technical faults? There are several reasons negative factors in SEO negative aspects don’t work in the real world how you’ve been taught. The biggest thing a website or an individual web page must do is let searcher accomplish their intended […]

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