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Difference Between Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords

Keywords are the building blocks and lifeblood of website content and search engines. Targeting the most appropriate keywords serves two key roles; content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Short tail keywords are much more general search queries, usually of one or two words. Long tail keywords are more search specific queries, and tend use […]

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Did Your Keyword Rankings Drop? Rethinking The Ranking Algorithm

When your rankings suddenly drop in Google, do you immediately think it was an algorithm change? Or that you got a Google penalty? The reality is, Google is starting to figure out what the majority of people want to find when they type in a given search query. This is why the Google representatives say […]

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SEO Keyword Research: Finding Keywords that Will Drive Traffic

Keyword research is a huge part of any SEO effort. Targeting the keywords that your customers are typing into Google means you are more likely to be found in search. This sounds reasonable. But companies will produce either 1) not produce enough targeted site content, or 2) create content that is aimed toward the people […]

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