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“How Much SEO Boost Does a Mobile-Friendly Site Give You?”

I want to talk about a thread I saw in one of the Reddit SEO channels, a question about the ROI of a mobile-friendly website. This is a paraphrase of what the original poster asked, but it went something like this. “Our website is not mobile-friendly right now. If we make our website mobile-friendly, how […]

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Three Things That Make Client SEO Easy

For the past couple of years, we’ve been working closely with manufacturing, industrial, and blue-collar SEO clients. There are three factors which don’t get talked about, which help determine the success of any SEO campaign. Now, these aren’t factors like quality content, incoming back links, or user experience design — what we call the three […]

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Why I Don’t Bill Hourly On Large Projects

For large projects, I don’t have an hourly rate. In fact, I don’t even worry about measuring increments of time until we get down to smaller things like maintenance agreements, or smaller projects less than a few hours in scope. A rate implies that you’re measuring effort in increments of time, not return on investment. […]

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