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Time: An Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Resource

A lot of entrepreneurs focus on runway, capital, and money. But money is not as important as time. Not by a long shot. “Your time is limited. Remember that. Each day you’re given 86,400 seconds from the ‘Time Bank’. Everyone is given the same. There are no exceptions. Once you make your withdrawal, you’re free […]

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Using Twitter For Small Business Lead Generation

This is a mini-series on using Twitter for small business for lead generation. First, we’ll cover the basics of using Twitter. You should also read the Twitter Small Business Guide if you’re new to the platform. Twitter’s main strength is sharing information through links, photos or videos. It’s secondary strength is being able to communicate […]

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Content Marketing is the New Advertising

Until the late 1990s, people had only a few choices for getting information and entertainment: TV, radio, print, movies. In order to get the content they desired, people had to suffer through ads at the beginning, end or throughout their entertainment. The internet was built on the same model — using interruption marketing and advertisements […]

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