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Did the Google Search Quality Raters Visit Your Site?

What are the Google Quality Search Rater Guidelines? They are a checklist given to Google independent contractors, who are tasked with scoring the search results that Google returns for certain search phrases. If you want to see the Search Quality Rater Guidelines, there’s a link here. They were last updated publicly on July 20, 2018. […]

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How To Track MailChimp Clicks in Google Analytics

Recently, someone asked me if there’s a way to connect MailChimp to Google Analytics, track what links people click. The answer is YES! Below are the steps you need to take to track MailChimp clicks in Google Analytics. Why Add Google Analytics Information MailChimp already has fairly robust email campaign information, which can be found […]

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Do Image Sliders Work For Web Conversions?

Sliders and image carousels are a ubiquitous feature on millions of websites. However numerous studies suggest that image carousels are ineffective at conversions. A 2013 Notre Dame study showed only 1% of participants clicked on auto-forwarding slides, and of those that did click, 84% clicked the first slide. This means the chance of any subsequent […]

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