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Sacramento SEO Services

We help industrial companies in Sacramento boost their search rankings.

If you live in Sacramento, and you search for SEO companies, you many notice some of the results are from companies headquartered out-of-town.

You may have reasons for wanting to work with an SEO agency based here in the Sacramento Valley.

We understand that SEO can seem mysterious, and you would feel more comfortable talking with someone face-to-face.

Not gonna lie, even other people we know in web development sometimes don’t understand what SEO is all about. There’s a perception that all SEO companies are snake-oil salesman. And while it’s true that we’ve run into a lot of people who fit that description, there are a lot of people that know what they’re doing, and get results.

Perhaps the biggest reason for you to work with a local SEO consultant here in Sacramento vs one from out-of-town, is you can shake our hand in person, and talk to us face-to-face about your SEO campaign.

We’re proud to be based here in the 916

Our headquarters is 25 minutes from Downtown Sacramento, 45 minutes from Roseville and Rocklin, 30 minutes from Folsom, and less than 20 minutes from Old Elk Grove.

Since opening our doors in 2012, we’ve talked face-to-face with hundreds of business owners in the Sacramento metro area. You’ll find we’re an active member of many of the local Chambers of Commerce in the area. Though we’ve had out-of-town clients since day one, the majority of our internet marketing clients have been based here in Sacramento.

Most of our local clients found us by searching online for SEO or web design. That’s what we want to have your customers do as well — Google for what they need and find you.

Other people in the web community vouch for us

It’s one thing for us to toot our own horn, but the fact is, many of our friends with their own web agencies say good things about us, too.

We have appeared on podcasts, guested on YouTube channels, and been quoted and interviewed in many leading web design publications. And while there are other agencies here in Sacramento that can say that as well, it’s definitely not many. It means something when so many of our industry peers give us their seal of approval.

Here’s the big question, can we get your company to rank in the search engines?

In 2017, we moved from having SEO as a side offering, into making it our main offering, and clearly stating it was the focal point of our business. Since then, every company we’ve worked with has had great success, improved their rankings, and generated more business than ever before.

Here’s some local case studies

Rick is the President of an industrial supply company in Rocklin. He went from not ranking in the top 10 pages in Google for his top fifty money search terms, to being on page 1 and page 2 for 95% of those competitive search terms in the span of five months.

Rick Hayes Raptor Blaster

Rick Hayes

President, Raptor Blasting Systems

I hired John to work on my SEO rankings and my internet presence has gone through the roof. I can’t thank Lockedown Design enough for the increased sales that have resulted from their work!

Brandon, an auto repair business owner, went from not having a site at all to ranking above the established players here in Sacramento. He even gets inquiries from San Francisco and Reno based on his stellar SEO.

Brandon Kelley from Classic Muscle

Brandon Kelley

Owner, Classic Muscle

Hands down, the absolute best in customer service and professionalism we’ve seen. Thank you Lockedown Design for our amazing site and all of your dedicated, hard work!

These are just two scenarios in which we helped business owners here in Sacramento transform their business. By leveraging online marketing and SEO, we helped them generate more leads and more revenue than they were achieving before.

Who should you trust to be your Sacramento SEO company?

If for any reason you think we’re not the right fit for your company, and you still want to work with someone here in the Sacramento Valley, we can give you recommendations of who to call. Because we focus mostly on SEO for manufacturing and industrial companies, there may be other people who are better suited to your specific vertical. We’re happy to point you toward those people if we think they’re a better fit.

If you want to see what we’re all about, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below. We will respond to your inquiry within one business day.

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