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AdWords Management

In many industries, your competitors are leveraging Google AdWords (PPC) as well as search engine optimization (SEO). AdWords appear at the top of the page in search results, and it is estimated about 10-15% of people click these instead of scrolling to organic search results. We help set up and manage your Google AdWords campaigns to make sure customers are sending you business instead of your competition.

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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords are ads that appear in search results pages (SERPs). These ads appear when businesses pay to run ads against keyword phrases for which they are interested in getting paid traffic. These ads usually appear at the top of search results (two to four ads) and sometimes at the bottom of search results (usually one to three).

Theses paid ads are another way of getting traffic to your site so clients can hire you for services or buy your products.

How Much Do Google AdWords Cost?

The amount that each click costs a business depends mostly on how many other businesses are bidding on a given keyword. The more competitive a keywords is, and the more that businesses are willing to spend to “win” a keyword, the more you can expect to pay for each click.

Getting your ads at the top of the page in AdWords for competitive keywords will cost more than for non-compeitive keywords.

How Can You Ensure You Aren’t Wasting Money on AdWords?

Most of the time, people are bidding on keywords that aren’t related to their business, or bidding on tangentially-related keywords. How does this happen? Google AdWords has optimization suggestions that will encourage you to bid on more keywords or use broad match instead of phrase match or exact match. The end result is you’re placing ads on searches where people aren’t looking for what you’re trying to sell.

Google makes almost all of their money from AdWords. They have at least an 85% market share of search engine use in the US (some report say up to 90%). They deliver good organic results so that people keep using their search engine. Businesses that can’t figure out how to excel at local SEO or that want a competitive edge end up spending more of their marketing budget on AdWords. And to be fair, spending money on Google PPC ads is a good strategy, so long as you are converting those leads, and making money from those leads.

The second biggest issue beside bidding on irrelevant keywords is sending people to a page that isn’t optimized to capture leads. Ideally, when they click your ad, you’re sending people to a page with sales information related to that keyword phrase, with a contact form near the top of the page, that captures their information for future marketing (First and Last Name, Ohone, Email, Company, etc). If possible, the page should only allow prospective customers to fill out the lead contact form, and shuold not have means of navigating away from that one action.

Why Might Small Businesses Need Google AdWords Management?

If you’re a small business owner, you may be busy running your day-to-day operations, and not have a dedicated marketing manager to set up and run Google Ads. You may have set it up Google AdWords in the past, but with inefficiencies, only to notice later that you are running ads against keywords unrelated to your services. Maybe you have spent money in the past, but didn’t get any leads.

You may be overwhelmed at the idea of setting up Google AdWords, and not know where to begin. While you realize that you need to run ads, because you see your competition doing it, you don’t know where to start.

Does Spending Money on AdWords Help Your Organic SEO?

Some people have circulated the idea that spending money on AdWords will help boost your SEO rankings. This is absolutely false. We have heard many people say that by sending people to your page via PPC, Google will be able to “record” good user experience signals and rank your page higher.

The truth is, Google representatives have denied this is the case many times, and it would not be in their best interest to make organic search results “gameable” in this fashion. The two aspects of a search results page, the organic rankings and the paid ads, are completely separate. If this were the case, whoever had a decent site that spent a lot of money would rank at the top of organic results. Google wants to retain dominance in market share of search engine use, so rewarding the biggest spenders in AdWords with higher organic results would hurt their long-term plans for revenue.

Most people believe that their website and their pages have “good user experience” and getting signals in Google Analytics will help their pages rank higher organically. Google has repeatedly and quite adamantly said that they do use Google Analytics information for ranking purposes.

To sum up, organic rankings and AdWords are two separate and distinct things, and many companies send ads to special landing pages, not their regular website. No matter how much you spend on AdWords, it has zero bearing on your organic search rankings.

How We Can Help With AdWords

Here are specific things we do for clients regarding their AdWords campaigns, and how we help them spend their ad budget more effectively and efficiently.

  • Set up Google AdWords Campaigns. We can set up your Google Ads campaigns and make sure you getting the most leads possible for your spend.
  • Audit your Keywords and Bidding Strategies. If you aren’t getting leads, and you’re spending a lot of money on ads, you might be bidding on the wrong keywords. We can help clean up your keyword list, dial in your locations, and make sure you are running ads in Google Maps.
  • Ongoing Google AdWords Oversight. We can provide ongoing management, adjustment, optimization, and reporting on your Google AdWords campaigns.

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