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Presentation: Deep Dive on SEO (for Nevada County Online)

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John Locke is a SEO consultant from Sacramento, CA. He helps manufacturing businesses rank higher through his web agency, Lockedown SEO.

Recently, I had a chance to do a presentation for the Nevada County Online Meetup.

This was a deep dive on SEO, which included a presentation, and answering questions from the audience, during a lunch and learn.

Fortunately, this presentation was videotaped for posterity, and is available on the NCO YouTube channel.

What I wanted to do is share this video with you, along with my slide deck.

I don’t have a video transcription available for this currently, but I will be adding one soon.

A Deep Dive on the Little Acronym That Packs a Big Punch — SEO!

…And Here’s the Slide Deck

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John Locke is a SEO consultant from Sacramento, CA. He helps manufacturing businesses rank higher through his web agency, Lockedown SEO.

5 comments on “Presentation: Deep Dive on SEO (for Nevada County Online)

  1. Hi John, Just finished watching your presentation on NC Online. Very informative as usual.

    I do have 1 question. I have been posting on 6 different platforms about my painting biz these past few months for hopefully a SEO boost and will continue to do so but I’m wondering if I should include my URL in the posts? At the beginning or at the end or maybe not at all? The platforms are LinkedIn, Google+, Google Posts,, my blog, and twitter. I will be creating a Facebook biz page soon.

    Thanks for your input. Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff:

      For your market, there’s a lot of Yelp, Porch, and Home Advisor results clogging up Page One of Google. It looks like the main competitors you have for organic listings are R&R, and Prism.

      These are the things I would do:
      – Definitely get a Facebook Page for JCB. Get enough followers to verify that page.
      – See if you can get a few Yelp reviews. I haven’t seen an industry in local SEO situations where Yelp reviews don’t matter.
      – Keep doing your blog. Those links pass PageRank. The Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, don’t pass any link equity, but they do show that you are trying to be a significant brand in your market.
      – Get a LinkedIn company page for JCB, if you haven’t done so yet.
      – I couldn’t find a profile for you on HomeAdvisor. I don’t know if you are there or not, but HA profile pages show up in the search results for your competitors in local search.
      – I would consider getting a ThemeForest theme of something similar to look a little fresher on your website. If for no other reason, to keep pace with R&R, and maybe outdo them.

      To come back to your original question, all of your content is for showing expertise, some is for showing brand signals, which I think you are doing really well.

      I would try and use “barnacle SEO” as much as you can. Place high as you can on Yelp, have a solid Porch and HomeAdvisor profile. Some of those show up when I’m searching for painters in Norton, Taunton, Foxboro, etc.

      – John

      P.S. I see you coming up with a row of YouTube videos on Page One of Google for “Foxboro painters” when I search that. Nice!

      1. Thanks for the great input John!

        I just bought into Home Adviser and I do have a linkedin page I have started to write articles on. I’m really getting into the habit of posting and writing articles and I’m making the time for it. In fact I’m kind of getting into it.

        So right now I’m posting on 7 different platforms at least once a week.

        But should I include my website url in those posts? Or is my “Jcb Painting” profile on those platforms enough? I can’t find a definitive answer on that.

        Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving,

        1. Hi Jeff:

          For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, if you share a post, link to the original post. If you just do a free-form post for LinkedIn or Facebook, you can link to your site. Most social networks have nofollow links, but Google will look at things like how many people shared a post from Facebook as a sign that a post is meaningful.

          I have my blog set up to post to Facebook and Twitter when I publish. (LinkedIn and G+ too, but I usually have to reauthenticate each time). So those links are automatically included.

          For something like Twitter, it’s not necessary to post a link to your site each time (unless you;re sharing from your blog, and it will do it automatically. Facebook, same thing).

          For Houzz, look to see if there’s an author bio on each post (these usually include a link to your website). If not, I would link to your site from your posts there. I don’t think it will pass any link equity, but it may get people to click to your website, which is what you want.

          The Blogspot posts are follow links that pass link equity.

          Let me know if that answers your question better.

          – John

  2. Thanks John,

    I have a much clearer view on this subject now and will be incorporating your strategies. Always something new to learn. Good stuff.

    I appreciate your insight and generosity of your time.


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