Here’s what some of our clients and local community have to say about Lockedown Design & SEO in their positive reviews:

Rick Hayes Raptor Blaster

Rick Hayes

President, Raptor Blasting Systems

I hired John to work on my SEO rankings and my internet presence has gone through the roof. I can’t thank Lockedown Design enough for the increased sales that have resulted from their work!

Brandon Kelley from Classic Muscle

Brandon Kelley

Owner, Classic Muscle

Lockedown Design not only helped us by building our website, but by fine-tuning our SEO. We receive many customers from Google. Hands-down, Lockedown Design is the absolute best at customer service and professionalism we’ve seen. Thank you for our amazing site and all of your dedicated, hard work.

Hale Winery and Brewery Refrigeration

Dan Hale


After many years of trying unsuccessfully to find a true web design professional to help grow our internet presence, we had pretty much given up. Then by sheer luck, we met John at an event and it was immediately clear how amazing John is both as a person but also as an incredibly, sincere and extremely, knowledgeable professional.

We are eternally grateful the tremendous help and support we have received from John and can wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone needing expert WordPress or SEO services.

Kevin Martin Plank AVL

Kevin Martin

Founder, Plank Fitness

John has done and continues to do an amazing, efficient job for us. Much of our business depends on SEO and our website, and Lockedown Design & SEO has been easy to work with, very fair with pricing, and fast. We even had our website crash, and he came to the rescue, and had us back up within an hour. I’m still impressed at the same day service and fast responses to any questions or concerns. Highly recommend!

Christopher Hawkins

Christopher Hawkins

Consultant, Cogeian Systems

Even experts need expert assistance, and that’s why I called John. He helped me rehabilitate my consulting agency’s SEO profile and get us back on the radar in Google searches. His expertise is both deep and current, and was of tremendous help to my business.

Will Smith, Owner, All Plastic Fabrication, Inc. & Bud Bar Displays

Will Smith

Owner, All Plastic Fabrication, Inc. & Bud Bar Displays

John deserves the credit…he is awesome! We have had several webmasters and a developer that have turned my hair gray. We have an E-Commerce site and it goes with the territory that we come across technical issues from time to time that can be very nerve racking as a business owner, after I’ve explained the problems or goals, John starts talking a foreign language and then goes about accomplishing the task quickly and successfully. Where his professionalism really shines is that he will ‘babysit’ the changes to make sure everything came out as planned. If any final tweaks are necessary he’s on immediately. His communication during changes and returning of calls is also 5 Star. I’ve said too much already…Thanks John, you’re awesome!

Geri Ann Alviso

Geri Ann Alviso

Owner, Flower Fiesta

I met the business owner, John, at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon and I’m so glad I did. I have been struggling with some SEO issues, Google Plus issues and a few others, for years! We had a phone appointment, he was so thoroughly prepared, and he concisely explained how I can manage those problems and in what order I need to start the process. It really helps to have a starting point and tasks broken down. He emailed the entire process and I will be forever grateful.

Suzanne Pullen

Suzanne Pullen

General Manager, Saugatuck Rowing Club

Lockedown Design & SEO’s expertise and focus on customer service have been much appreciated. They maintained constant control of the project, working efficiently and providing prompt, valuable communication. The knowledge they displayed and the personal attention they showed us were outstanding.

Aimee Pfaff

Aimee Pfaff

Aimee Pfaff Insurance Services

I am literally teary-eyed after typing in “winery refrigeration” a moment ago and Hale Winery and Brewery Refrigeration​ is #2 on Google. This is incredible and we owe it all to the expert advice we received from John Locke​ of Lockedown Design​ two weeks ago. Finally, real, measurable results from a TRUE web design and WordPress expert! We love you, John!

Daisy Davenport

Daisy Davenport

Marketing Manager, Western Consolidated Foods, Inc.

We really enjoyed working with Lockedown Design. John was very through and kept up with the changes we needed as we worked on the project. Best of all, he didn’t just hand over the website and leave us to our own devices. He trained us and was there for support afterwards. I will definitely keep him and his company in mind for future projects/to recommend to others.

Linda Melody, Carmichael Chamber of Commerce

Linda Melody

Executive Director, Carmichael Chamber of Commerce

John has done a wonderful job on our company website. He has provided the things we needed as a Chamber, and when there was something he wasn’t sure about, he checked with his contacts and was able to provide what we needed. He went the second mile and made training videos so I could learn how to do things. He’s always available when we need something and resolves issues in a timely manner. I would recommend Lockedown Design if you are in the market to improve your website.

Johanna Voss

Johanna Voss

Operations Manager, Financially Wise Women

We so appreciate working with John. He’s got great customer service, fabulous response time and he always solves our issue. It’s such a relief to know we can call him when things go awry!

Judy Terwilliger

Judy Terwilliger

Owner and Lead Therapist, Knowmor, Inc.

I was referred to John Locke by the Directors of the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce when she heard me lamenting over the high priced / low results company I was with for my web site. He is amazing! In less than two weeks he was able to accomplish what the other guys only gave me fits about. Moreover he is reasonably priced and very detailed in his work. That was over nine months ago. since then he has revolutionized my web presence. He also delivers on time – what he promises with great follow up. It’s obvious he’s in your corner as a business owner. He comes to my office and works through what I don’t understand, studies who we are and what our focused goals are. In short, he is a breath of fresh air in everything from his work ethic, communication skills, through to his professionalism and product delivery! I highly recommend Lockedown Design.

Jaz Kaner

Jaz Kaner

Owner, Banzai Surf School

Lockedown Design is prompt,thorough and professional. I own a business, and In years past I’ve been through the wringer trying to find good web people; I think I’ve learned some things about screening the applicants. John has been terrific; He hits all the deadlines, responds to issues quickly, and worked overtime to address my (many:) needs. Highly recommended.

Igor Lubinets

Igor Lubinets

Owner, Webilect

I first met John at one of the local events last year. What struck me the most about him was the amount of charisma and knowledge he possesses. As a budding business owner myself, I learned a great deal from him. He truly cares about his clients’ success and has been very helpful with my situation. Highly recommend!

Jon Cofsky

Jon Cofsky

Principal, [whitepenny]

John is great: knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. He’s everything that you want in a web partner.