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Repost Old Content To Social Media From WordPress

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John Locke is a SEO consultant from Sacramento, CA. He helps manufacturing businesses rank higher through his web agency, Lockedown SEO.

Have you ever seen seen Twitter accounts that seem to post archived articles on a semi-regular basis?

Chances are they are using some sort of automated plugin with their WordPress site to achieve this.

On social networks like Twitter and Facebook, the timelines go by very quickly.

Consequentially, posting a link to your latest article only once greatly reduces your chances of having people see it. Having a strategy for getting your content in front of people enough times for them to see it drastically improves your chances of people hearing what you have to say.

Another thing to consider is new followers (prospects) discovering your material for the first time have no knowledge of your blog archives. Reposting your content is a way to ensure that both new and old followers are exposed to your expertise and insight.

If you want to automate what you repost, and control where and when you’re reposting your website content, Revive Old Post is an extensible WordPress plugin that can solve that problem for you.

Revive Old Post is a freemium WordPress plugin from the folks at ThemeIsle.

The free version on the repository allows you to automatically post to one Twitter and one Facebook account. You can link a Twitter account by connecting your account to your website rather painlessly. To connect to your Facebook account, you’ll need to create a simple Facebook app by following the instructions provided when you click Accounts > Facebook Login. If you need help with this, contact a web developer you trust.

Once you’ve connected your social accounts, you can adjust the settings under the General Settings tab. These control how far back to go in your archives, how many hours between automatic posts, and minimum and maximum age of posts to be re-shared.

Are there specific categories, tags, or posts that you don’t want to repost? No problem. You can exclude categories and tags on the General Settings tab, and specific posts under Revive Old Posts > Exclude Posts.

When you upgrade to the Pro version ($75), you can add automatic reposting to LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Xing. (Xing is similar to LinkedIn, but primarily for Germany).

The Pro version also gives you the option of posting Pages and Custom Post Types. The Lite (free) version of Revive Old Post only allows you to revive Posts.

One more feature enabled in the Pro version is the selection of a specific image size to include when posting to social networks. Revive Old Post will default to using the Featured Image when posting to networks like Twitter, if one is included in the blog post.

In the Business version ($149) of Revive Old Post, you can create more customized posting schedules, pin-pointing specific times and days of the week to post to each social network.

Increasing Traffic, Saving Time

No matter what solution you use for recirculating your archived posts, the benefits are substantial.

Setting up specific posts for specific times and specific social networks can take a lot of time. Perhaps this is why many businesses forego reposting their archived content.

But we live in a world where information speeds by quickly, and re-posting is a marketing necessity. Without the ability to consistently re-post archived content, the potential for traffic to your site is minimized.

Having some sort of plan to automatically recirculate your site content is a proven method of increasing site traffic in a noisy landscape.

Avatar for John Locke

John Locke is a SEO consultant from Sacramento, CA. He helps manufacturing businesses rank higher through his web agency, Lockedown SEO.

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