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We help Reno companies get more leads and phone calls.
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We help businesses in Reno and Northern Nevada rank higher in Google search results.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of increasing visibility in search engines like Google and Bing. We work with companies and organizations that need to rank higher in organic search for lead generation. By making improvements to your website, and building your brand online outside of your website, we improve your search rankings for target keyword phrases.

What kind of results can SEO have on your lead generation and revenue? Many of our clients say they wish they had invested in SEO sooner. Every client we have worked with has had positive improvement in Google rankings and organic search traffic.

SEO Specialists Serving Reno, Sparks, and Carson City

We use our search marketing expertise to elevate your website above your competition, giving you more phone calls, customer inquires, and qualified leads. Most of your clients are using Google to find businesses like yours. Google has certain criteria they are seeking for high-quality search results. We know exactly where to look to improve your website’s performance.

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Reno NV Search Engine Optimization Experts

Our SEO process gets results for Reno-based businesses like yours. If you’re tired of seeing competitors get the clicks, contact us today!

Are You Happy With Your SEO Rankings?

85% of all clicks in search results go to the first page. If you aren’t on the first page of Google for your “money” keywords, you’re at a serious disadvantage. We have a proven process for elevating search rankings and organic Google traffic that drives lead generation. In other words, we will make your phone ring by improving your SEO.

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Reno Digital Marketing and SEO Experts

Since 2012, we’ve been helping businesses launch professional websites. In 2017, we shifted focus to SEO, because the main reason companies invest in a website is to generate leads, phone calls, and service requests. We work primarily with industrial, contracting, and manufacturing companies. We also have a diverse client roster that we help with local SEO.

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Our SEO Capabilities

On Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

Google looks for certain signals in the website content. We focus your existing content for SEO.

Business Growth

Lead Generation

Businesses invest in SEO to improve their lead generation and increase revenue. Our goal is to help make you more money.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Our team helps create the right content for your website, targeting the keywords that drive organic traffic and growth.


Local SEO

We help clients rank higher in local searches in Google and Bing, so they get business in their local market.

Link Building

Link Building

We build relevant back links from other websites back to yours, raising your website’s authority.

SEO Report

Ranking Reports

Bi-weekly Google ranking reports that show exactly where your search traffic and rankings are positioned.

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Reno Tahoe SEO Company Helping You Grow Your Business

Google wants to reward websites that let people get to their goal with the least friction. What we call the “three legs of the SEO table” are high-quality content that matches keyword intent, a robust link profile and high-profile brand, and stellar design and user experience. Websites that have these three components tend to outrank lesser sites. Our expertise in internet marketing, content, and web development helps us get our clients ranked higher in Google. We can help you rank higher for your target keywords.

Our SEO Industry Recognition

Clutch Top SEO Agencies 2020

Expertise Top SEO Agencies

UpCity Top SEO Agency

SEOblog Top Rated SEO Company

Our Proven SEO Process

1. Audit and Analyze

The first step in our rigorous SEO process is to audit and analyze your website, your competition, and your target keywords. We create a detailed plan of action to make sure your website appears at the top of search results.

2. Create and Optimize

Most websites that aren’t ranking have deficiencies in content, functionality, and design. From our plan in Step One, we create content, do needed web development and design, optimize existing content, acquire back links, and and any other necessary tasks that will help you rank.

3. Measure and Fine-Tune

After the work in Step One and Two is complete, we measure your progress using Google Analytics, and other keyword tracking software. By analyzing the results, we can determine if any additional fine-tuning is necessary. You’ll get ranking and traffic reports on a regular basis.

The Reno SEO Company That Gets You Ranked

We help companies throughout Reno rank higher in Google and Bing. Our SEO specialists help you get qualified leads. Some of the cities we serve include:

  • Reno
  • Sparks
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Carson City
  • Incline Village
  • Virginia City
  • Sun Valley
  • Cold Springs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to SEO questions you might have.

How does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work?

Google and Bing take your keyword search and try to deliver the best set of web pages that let you complete your goal. Web pages are evaluated by hundreds of factors, on the website and how the website is represented on the rest of the internet. SEO companies work to identify what ranking factors on your website might need improvement, and adjust those elements. SEO specialists use best practices, past observations, along with analytical and creative skills to move your website up the Google rankings.

What does your Reno SEO company do for clients?

The types of SEO improvements that are needed to move your website up the search results will vary from site to site. We have found that the most common areas that need improvement are optimizing site content, keyword research, matching search intent, new content creation, link building, brand promotion, third-party profile creation and optimization, user experience improvements to the website, and site architecture cleanup. By doing all of these strategic tasks, your rankings in Google should increase.

What is it like working with Lockedown SEO?

The first step is having an initial phone call and finding out about your business goals. If you sign on as a client, we look at keyword phrases that your customers are searching, and see how many people are looking those up each month. We analyze what sites are ranking, and see where the gaps are between your websites and the top performing sites. We give you a timeline and scope of work that we will complete. Every two weeks we give you an update on where you are ranking, and every week, we let you know what work has been done. Most clients see significant gains in search rankings after ninety days.

Who does the work on my website? Do you outsource the work?

Every project will be done by our team here in the USA. We do not outsource the work to other countries, or hire cheap subcontractors and mark up the difference.

When can I expect to see results from SEO?

You should see some rankings start to move after thirty to sixty days. By the end of the initial SEO campaign, usually three to six months, your website should be ranking competitively for many keywords, and you should see increased leads from organic search rankings.

Do we have to sign a long term contract?

After your initial SEO campaign, you are free to keep us on a monthly retainer, or go your own way. The initial SEO campaign is where we do the essential work that will improve your rankings. This initial SEO campaign is usually three to six months. After that, you are under no further obligation.

How do you know what Google puts in the ranking algorithm?

A large team of Google engineers works continually on adjusting the ranking algorithm. Even people who work at Google cannot predict with 100% accuracy what the ranking order will be for a given search on any given day. This means we must use the scientific method, along with observation and testing to determine what factors are stable and predict what ranking factors will be useful in the future. By observing a large number of websites in different categories, we can come to agreed upon conclusions about what SEO factors are important, which are less effective, and which are myths. Google representatives often give advice on best practices for SEO, but they do not reveal the so-called secret formulas, as a large portion of the ranking algorithm in the 2020s is determined by machine learning.

Can you guarantee number one rankings in Google?

No SEO agency can guarantee exact rankings. Google engineers work on the ranking algorithm on a daily basis, and each engineer works on different aspects of the algorithm. Additionally, Google has been using machine learning in the ranking algorithm since 2017, so rankings can fluctuate as the ranking algo tries to push the most deserving results to the top of search. Because it is a moving target in a "black box", a number one ranking cannot be guaranteed. What any reputable SEO agency CAN guarantee is putting in work, following best practices, making observations on what Google is favoring, and making adjustments based on what is working.

Can I talk to any of your previous clients?

We would be happy to put you in touch with some of our past clients. You can also read our SEO Case Studies for any idea of the type of improvements you might see.

How will you be measuring SEO results for my Reno NV website?

We look at a few metrics to measure SEO success. Ranking improvement for strategic keywords is an obvious metric we measure. We also look at the ongoing traffic improvement from organic Google search. We can isolate that metric in Google Analytics and look at current month versus the previous month, and a specific period versus the same period in the previous year. Lastly, we measure how many new qualified leads you are getting from contact forms on your website.

How often will I get updates on my rankings?

We give rankings updates on the keywords we are tracking every two weeks. We also look at increases year over year and month over month in organic Google search.

Do you serve clients in other cities in Nevada besides Reno?

Yes. We have served clients in six different time zones, and we currently have clients all over the United States. We serve other major cities in Nevada like Las Vegas, Carson City, and Henderson, and cities in California like Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Jose.

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We want to be your Reno SEO company.

We focus on local SEO, mostly with industrial and contracting clients. Every day, we’re analyzing where SEO is going, and working hard to results for our clients.

If you’re interested in working with us, contact us by filling out the form at the top of the page. We will respond to your inquiry within one business day.

A Track Record of SEO Wins

If you want to find out what type of SEO results we can get for your company, read some of our selected SEO Case Studies here. You can also read our Google Reviews here.