What am I up to now?

(Nov-Dec 2021)

  • Changed name of business to “Lockedown SEO” for simplified branding.
  • Formed new LLC to reflect this change.
  • Up to 800+ SEO videos on YouTube. Publishing once a week.
  • Moved again a couple of months ago, a short drive from Downtown Sacramento. Signed a long lease.
  • Working with two handfuls of regular clients every month, only doing occasional one-off SEO campaigns.
  • Client roster got through COVID pandemic okay so far. Some having very good years.
  • Revenue for the business is at a new high.
  • Working with new contractor. Going good so far.
  • Achieved almost everything I set out to do nine years ago.Working on the rest.
  • Can you believe Lockedown SEO, in it’s various incarnations, has made it nine years? Amazing.

(Autumn 2019)

  • Publishing SEO videos every day on YouTube. We’re almost to 500 videos.
  • Helping my client roster grow their individual empires.
  • Appearing on podcasts from people who are finding my content. Yep, content marketing works!
  • Getting SEO prospects and clients from many different time zones.

(Mid 2018).

  • Completing the pivot from being a generalist WordPress consultant to a full-fledged SEO company and web agency.
  • Meeting with other agency owners and consultants on a regular basis for mutual accountability and support.
  • Publishing weekly videos on my YouTube channel.
  • Being proactive about business development.
  • Working hard to understand my clients’ businesses.
  • Meeting people in my local community of Sacramento.

(March 2018)

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