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Low Volume Keywords Are Worth the Effort

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John Koinange is a contributor for the Lockedown SEO blog. His work has appeared in numerous online publications.

While writing this post, I recall working with clients actively targeting content for keywords that had 0–10 search volume.

On the surface, that’s massively low search volume.

But surprisingly, by the time we had developed the content, one of the clients got as much 800 views a month for the “low volume keyword” content! That goes to show you can develop content that outperforms the estimated search volume.

The secret is finding keywords that are high-converting but have low competition. This epitomizes the true value of the low volume keywords. If possible, focus on the long-tail low volume keywords.

Why are Low Volume Keywords More Valuable Than They Appear?

There are several reasons why supposed “low volume” keywords can produce pleasantly surprising organic search traffic results.

  • Hyper relevance. Low volume keywords provide an opportunity to target highly relevant topics. Because they provide more information, these keywords have higher utility to the target audience. This further enhances their conversion rate.
  • Lower competition levels. Low volume keywords offer an opportunity to focus on areas/topics not targeted by your competitors. Make it count!
  • They help build interest. With the low volume keywords, one can consolidate an overlooked or new niche.
  • Diversifying SEO strategy. Low volume keywords allow one to try simultaneously rank for a wide-variety of keywords and thus opening up traffic potential.
  • They begin to add up. The low volume keywords, when consolidated provide a significant volume of the user intent. Because of their specialization and detail, the low volume keywords generate significant interest and drive-up organic traffic.
  • Stronger commercial intent. When one is able to go direct to the point, then it becomes easier to capitalize and convert. For instance, if one uses the keyword ‘selling’ for a specific service/product, they can generate leads based on a clear intent, and build on it.

Top Tips for Targeting Low Volume Keywords

  1. Identify and focus on the low-hanging fruit. These are the overlooked keywords but which you’re confident you can rank over time. Such keywords should also balance out in terms of cost of optimization.
  2. Ensure relevancy. Only use low volume keywords that are 101% relevant to your business. Otherwise, it’s pointless to find low volume keywords, invest time and resources in the wrong place! With a diverse low volume keyword base, you can rank for different interrelated keywords, and generate the much-needed organic traffic.
  3. Leverage a small and new niche. A key reason why a niche doesn’t generate much interest is because it’s new and people are unaware of its existence. When faced by such a problem, try to build on the search query it aims to resolve as you build brand awareness.
  4. Assess the cost v. potential reward. If you need to use AdWords and Pay-Per-Click to boost your discovery chances, it’s important to calculate the costs and the benefits accrued. If you spend more than you’re acquiring, consider holding back and building gradually.
  5. SEO tools estimate keyword volume. SEO tools often use clickstream data to create search volume estimates. Especially on the lower volume keywords, they have inaccurate estimates.

Low Volume for High Returns

Go ahead and write that resource page, blog or any other low volume keyword content and focus on ensuring that it’s optimized. You’ll often find a lot of success pursuing low volume keywords.

Low volume keywords are a great way to launch and build a new niche. These keywords offer the unique chance to study competitors and exploit their weaknesses. You can check out our SEO case studies to further comprehend our role as a reliable and trusted partner for industrial and manufacturing firms.

Low volume keywords are hidden gems if you know how to apply a solid content creation process. Don’t be hesitant. Go for it!

Avatar for John Koinange

John Koinange is a contributor for the Lockedown SEO blog. His work has appeared in numerous online publications.

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