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Have you ever looked at your competitors and wondered, “Our business is so much better than theirs. Why are they ranking so high in Google search results?”

It’s probable that your competition is using a SEO agency to help boost their rankings. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, the art and science of increasing visibility and traffic in search engines.

In large cities like Las Vegas, the difference between being on Page One of Google and being on page two or three can be life-altering. Most of the clicks happen on page one of search engines, so ranking as high as possible is essential.

Our job is to help you get more qualified leads from your website via organic search results. 85% of all clicks are on the first page of search engine results. We’ll help you get to the first page so your business get more phone calls and contact form inquiries.

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Las Vegas SEO Professionals

We work with clients all over the country, mostly contractors, industrial companies, manufacturers, and other local businesses wanting to rank in their local market. We help businesses in Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson, Enterprise, and the Lake Tahoe area.

If you’re interested in getting more leads from Google, call us at (916) 747-2198, or fill out the contact form for a free consultation.

These are just two scenarios in which we helped Sacramento business owners transform their companies into steadily growing empires. By leveraging internet marketing and SEO, we helped them generate more leads and more revenue than ever before.

Las Vegas SEO Services

Our proven SEO process gets results for South Nevada businesses like yours. We’re here to help you get leads from local SEO.

Your Customers Use Search to Make Buying Decisions

A 2019 study by Oberlo shows that 85% of consumers do online research before making a purchase. If your business is not highly visible in search results, you’re leaving money on the table.

We use a tested SEO process to identify deficiencies in your website, and make improvements to get you ranking in Google and other search engines.

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Some of Our SEO Capabilities

On Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

To rank well you need the right content on your pages. We will create and optimize content for your site.

Business Growth

Revenue Growth

You’re investing in SEO to improve your lead generation and increase your revenue. Our goal is to help make you more money.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Our team will produce high-quality content that helps you rank for lucrative keywords that drive traffic.


Local SEO

We help clients rank higher in local searches in Google and Bing, and higher on Yelp landing pages.

Link Building

Link Building

We build relevant back links from other websites back to yours, raising your website’s authority.

SEO Report

Ranking Reports

Bi-weekly Google ranking reports that show exactly where your search traffic and rankings are positioned.

SEO is About Making Your Website Better

Google and other search engines look at hundreds of factors on your website to determine rankings for each search query. We do keyword research to make sure you are targeting the right searches. We create and optimize content to satisfy your customers. Then we look at how your site is represented on other websites: profiles, links, mentions. Last but not least, the user experience and design of your website affect conversions. If your customers are happy with your site, it’s very likely Google also thinks your website is good.

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Some Intriguing SEO Statistics

  • According to StatCounter, Google has a whopping 87.3% market share of all search engines in the US in 2020. Rounding out the top four are Bing with 7.2%, Yahoo at 3.41%, and DuckDuckGo at 1.75%.
  • In 2017, Google stated that 15% of all searches that they see are new searches, never seen before. These indicate specific keyword searches that have never been typed in previously.
  • The number of mobile searches has increased steadily from 2014 to present day. In 2020, there were 211 mobile searchers in the US. This means 65% of all US residents conducted a mobile search in 2020.
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Search Engines Are Constantly Evolving

There are trillions of searches conducted worldwide each year. Google engineers are always adding new components to their ranking algorithm to better understand what your customers are looking for. RankBrain, added in 2016, is a machine learning processor. BERT, added in 2019, helps Google understand how the sequence of words in a query affects search intent. The Natural Language API lets search marketers see how Google’s language processors make sense of the content of a page.

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There’s No Shortcut to Ranking in Las Vegas

SEO has evolved far past tricks that used to work twenty years ago. The key is understanding what your customers in Las Vegas are looking for, then making sure your landing pages give them exactly that. Additionally, the sites that have the best experience, and make everything frictionless will rise in rankings over time. It’s a lot of work to put together content, design, web development, link building, review collection, and building a rock-solid brand. If a SEO company tells you it’s as simple as flicking a switch, they might be selling you snake-oil.

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We Only Use “White Hat” SEO Techniques

Google frowns on websites that break the rules, and try and manipulate search rankings with gimmicks. They want their search results to reflect the best web pages for a given query. Sites that get caught cheating, and stepping far outside the Google guidelines may incur a manual penalty — when the Google Webspam team steps in and devastates manipulated rankings. We play by the Google rules, and we have an excellent track record of figuring out what Google wants to push up the rankings for any given keyword phrase.

Our SEO Industry Recognition

UpCity Top SEO Agency

Clutch Top SEO Agencies 2020

Expertise Top SEO Agencies

SEOblog Top Rated SEO Company

The Las Vegas SEO Company That Gets You Ranked

We help companies throughout Las Vegas rank higher in Google and Bing. Our SEO specialists help you get qualified leads. Some of the cities we serve include:

  • Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Paradise
  • Enterprise
  • Spring Valley
  • Pahrump
  • Sunrise Manor
  • North Las Vegas
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to SEO questions you might have.

How does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work?

Google and Bing take your keyword search and try to deliver the best set of web pages that let you complete your goal. Web pages are evaluated by hundreds of factors, on the website and how the website is represented on the rest of the internet. SEO companies work to identify what ranking factors on your website might need improvement, and adjust those elements. SEO specialists use best practices, past observations, along with analytical and creative skills to move your website up the Google rankings.

What does your Las Vegas SEO company do for clients?

The types of SEO improvements that are needed to move your ranking up the search results will vary from site to site. We have found that the most common areas that need improvement are site content, matching keywords to search intent, additional content creation, hyperlink building, brand promotion, third-party profile representation, user experience, and site architecture and design. By doing all of these strategic tasks, your rankings in Google should increase.

What is it like working with Lockedown SEO?

The first step is having an initial phone call and finding out about your business goals. If you sign on as a client, we look at keyword phrases that your customers are searching, and see how many people are looking those up each month. We analyze what sites are ranking, and see where the gaps are between your websites and the top performing sites. We give you a timeline and scope of work that we will complete. Every two weeks we give you an update on where you are ranking, and every week, we let you know what work has been done. Most clients see significant gains in search rankings after ninety days.

Who does the work on my website? Do you outsource the work?

Every project will be done by our team here in the USA. We do not outsource the work to other countries.

When can I expect to see results from SEO?

You should see some rankings start to move after thirty to sixty days. By the end of the initial SEO campaign, usually three to six months, your website should be ranking competitively for many keywords, and you should see increased leads from organic search rankings.

Do we have to sign a long term contract?

After your initial SEO campaign, you are free to keep us on a monthly retainer, or go your own way. The initial SEO campaign is where we do the essential work that will improve your rankings. This initial SEO campaign is usually three to six months. After that, you are under no further obligation.

How do you know what Google puts in the ranking algorithm?

A large team of Google engineers works continually on adjusting the ranking algorithm. Even people who work at Google cannot predict with 100% accuracy what the ranking order will be for a given search on any given day. This means we must use the scientific method, along with observation and testing to determine what factors are stable and predict what ranking factors will be useful in the future. By observing a large number of websites in different categories, we can come to agreed upon conclusions about what SEO factors are important, which are less effective, and which are myths. Google representatives often give advice on best practices for SEO, but they do not reveal the so-called secret formula, as a large portion of the ranking algorithm in the 2020s is determined by machine learning.

Can you guarantee number one rankings in Google?

No SEO agency can guarantee exact rankings. Google engineers work on the ranking algorithm on a daily basis, and each engineer works on different aspects of the algorithm. Additionally, Google is starting to roll in machine learning into the ranking algorithm, so a number one ranking cannot be guaranteed. What any reputable SEO agency CAN guarantee is putting in work, following best practices, making observations on what Google is favoring, and making adjustments based on what is working.

Can I talk to any of your previous clients?

We would be happy to put you in touch with some of our past clients. You can also read some of our SEO Case Studies.

How will you be measuring SEO results for my Las Vegas website?

We look at a few metrics to measure SEO success. Ranking improvement for strategic keywords, overall traffic improvement from organic search in Google, and new leads generated from organic search results. These metrics are monitored in SEO software such as Google Analytics and Ahrefs, as well as real leads that you collect from your website through contact forms.

How often will I get updates on my rankings?

We give rankings updates on the keywords we are tracking every two weeks. Also, we look at increases year over year and month over month in organic Google search.

Do you serve clients outside of the Las Vegas area?

Yes. We have served clients in six different time zones, and we currently have clients all over the United States.

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Las Vegas SEO Specialists That Deliver

The only thing you have in this life is your word. We don’t make empty promises, or give you the runaround. What we live by is putting our energy and focus into getting you SEO leads from Google, to the very best of our ability.

Our track record of getting results for clients is rock-solid. We’re here to make sure your business prospers for years to come.

If you want to see what we’re all about, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below. We will respond to your inquiry within one business day.