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WordPress is an open source web framework that powers one-fifth of the world’s websites. These articles show you how to use WP more effectively.

Add A HTML Sitemap To Your WordPress Site

Most of you reading this already understand the impact of search engine rankings. If you can rank high in Google, more potential customers find your business. The more prospective customers that find you, the more paying customers you should have. Except most of you are frustrated by search engine optimization (or SEO). There are actually […]

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Fix Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors

WordPress site admins who use Contact Form 7 may have noticed configuration errors in Version 4.4. You’re not mistaken when you’re wondering if these errors weren’t there before. The most common misconfiguration error warning triggers if you are using a To or From email in your contact form with a domain name than your website. […]

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Add Advanced Custom Field To RSS Feed In WordPress

One way to move people from being prospects to being customers is to educate them through content marketing. This usually takes the form of blogging, podcasting, videos, or some other form of serialized content, published on your company blog. Many companies use their email newsletter as a way to send their RSS feed directly to […]

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Add an Options Page with ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)

Over the course of the last eight years, I’ve built over 150 sites, most using WordPress. This code snippet is something I’ve used with ACF PRO aka Advanced Custom Fields PRO in order to set up an Options Page. The data from this newly created Options Page would be saved in the wp_options database table. […]

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