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WordPress is an open source web framework that powers one-fifth of the world’s websites. These articles show you how to use WP more effectively.

Businesses Should Own Their WordPress Plugin Licenses

Today we’re discussing one specific scenario that that hurts business websites. This is when WordPress website owners don’t own the plugin licenses for their site. For those of you who don’t know what that is, many CMS like WordPress have “plugins” that extend the core site functionality. Some plugins are free, and some are paid. […]

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Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

Managed WordPress hosting has become a hot product over the last few years. The advantages of good hosting are that your site will load faster, making your customers happy, and helping you rank higher in search engines. Many businesses start out with $10/month shared hosting, which generally sucks. Cheap shared hosting makes money for the […]

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Why You Need Automated Backups of Your Website

If you run any sort of business, you already understand how important your website is to your marketing and revenue generation. Most businesses can’t afford to have their websites go down or be out of commission. Bu one of the biggest things that businesses should be doing, but aren’t doing is getting regular backups of […]

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bbPress: Add Forums, Topics & Replies to Search Results

Many people who use bbPress may notice that WordPress by default doesn’t return topics, replies, or forums in search results. This can defeat the purpose of having forums on your site, if they aren’t easily searchable. This is a code snippet that will add forums, topics, and replies from bbPress to your WordPress search results. […]

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