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Web Design is a broad term for everything involving the design, structure, building, and maintenance of websites.

Web Design Discovery Helps Solve Business Problems

The biggest opportunity for most web developers is actually assessing the business problem that needs to be solved. A scenario I keep observing in the web industry is focusing too much on the technology and not enough on the business problem. This scenario plays out in different ways, but usually with newer developers, or fledgling […]

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Planning For Client Training

Well-organized web development projects follow sequential stages: discovery & research, design, development, testing, launch. But there’s a step that occurs before a new site launch that deserves it’s own attention — and that’s training. Training clients to use their website is an incredibly important project stage. Here’s why. We could build the most beautiful website […]

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HTML: Give Parent Div 100% Height Of Child Floated Elements

Many web designers and front end developers have been stumped by this dilemma before. When you have a parent div with only floated child elements inside, how do you give the parent element the height of the floated child elements? Before we look at the answer, let’s look at why this is a problem in […]

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