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Social Media is the term for platforms that allow social sharing. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, Instagram and Foursquare.

Getting Social Icons in Google’s Knowledge Graph

A reader asks, “How do I get my company social profiles in the Knowledge Graph and Google Maps?” They go on to say, “Our competitors have their social links in Google Maps, and I’m curious why our company’s social links don’t show up?” “Is there a way to make Google show our social links on […]

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How To Verify Your Facebook Page

Since 2013, Facebook has allowed selected businesses to verify their Facebook Business Page. Not all businesses are enabled for verification, and the criteria for selection remains a proprietary secret. Some factors that may trigger verification eligibility for physically located businesses are strong brand signals such as consistent public records with your business information (address, phone […]

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Why Your Facebook Pages Have Less Reach Than Before

In June of 2014, Facebook answered some questions that many business owners had about Facebook Pages. Specifically, they confirmed that the organic reach of Facebook Pages was less than before. They were throttling how many people could see your posts. These changes to the Facebook algorithm were rolled out to personal accounts as well as […]

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Using Twitter For Small Business Lead Generation

This is a mini-series on using Twitter for small business for lead generation. First, we’ll cover the basics of using Twitter. You should also read the Twitter Small Business Guide if you’re new to the platform. Twitter’s main strength is sharing information through links, photos or videos. It’s secondary strength is being able to communicate […]

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