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Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of getting your pages ranked higher in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

How to Trigger Featured Snippets in Google

Featured Snippets are highlighted text, video, or text and image content at the top of the page in selected search results. Some digital marketers also refer to the Featured Snippet as “Position Zero” because it sits at the top of the organic search results. Snippets that are informational text are displayed with slightly larger text […]

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Talking Google’s Long Term Thinking on The WP Minute

Recently my colleague Matt Medeiros, invited me to contribute a piece to his new project, The WP Minute. I wanted to share some observations on the long term direction that Google has had for it’s organic ranking algorithm. Specifically, I wanted to look at statements that the then-CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, made in 2008 […]

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Should Your Domain Name Match Your Business Name?

Consider global enterprise brands such as Google, General Electric, Duracell, Ford, Coca-Cola, and Netflix. One thing these brands have in common is you can type their brand name (as one word) into a web browser, add “.com”, and you end up on their website. Their branding is consistent, and the domain name of their website […]

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“Another Business Appears in Google For Our Company Name?”

An interesting viewer question came in: “My client has a website, when they Google their domain name, another website comes up instead of theirs. Why is this happening? How can we fix this?” Upon investigating, I found a few things out. I’ll keep the information anonymous, but you should get the idea. Website #1 is […]

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Change Profile Image in Google Business Profile (Foolproof Method)

It’s frustrating to choose a Cover image in Google Business Profile (GBP) and the algorithm selects another image to use as the Cover image when you search for your business. Now, there is a place in Google My Business to set your cover image, but there are cases where the algorithm chooses another image. The […]

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Appearance on BoostROAS Weekly SEO Talking Local SEO

Recently, I appeared on the Weekly SEO podcast and YouTube show presented by European digital agency BoostROAS. Roman Adamita, their Director of SEO, invited me on to talk about local SEO. A video of the presentation is below. This episode also contains a segment from the BoostROAS team on lowering bounce rate on your website. […]

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