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Marketing is a broad term for making your brand, product, or service more visible. Marketing can include content, social, email, and advertising.

Should You Depend on a Social Network to be Your Content Platform?

A 2016 survey of small business owners shows that nearly half of small businesses don’t have a website. This number is astounding, because without a website, you are pretty much invisible online. According to a 2012 report by Fleishman-Hillard, 89% of consumers use a search engine before making a purchase decision. According to a 2015 […]

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Offline And Online Marketing Are Both Important

As a business owner, you always want more people to walk through your doors to buy what you’re selling. The key to that nowadays is to continually focus on online marketing and face-to-face meetings that happen offline. Most sales reps or business owners can close the deal if they meet you face-to-face. But this isn’t […]

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Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

If you’re running a regional business, you’ve probably already integrated email newsletters into your marketing strategy. It’s likely that you already understand the importance of leveraging email lists. If you are a smaller business, I’m sure you’ve heard other business owners tell you to start utilizing email marketing. But you may not understand why email […]

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Why You Don’t Need Business Network Referral Groups

In every city in America there’s at least one business network referral group or BNI-style club. These are where business owners get together and refer leads to each other. Membership is usually paid, and restricted to one type of each business per group (so there’s no competition). Regular meetings in these groups are usually mandatory, […]

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The Long History of Creative Content Marketing

When you hear someone talk about content marketing, you probably conjure up thoughts of blogging. Maybe you’re even picturing filming videos for YouTube, or starting a podcast. But what if I told you that content marketing is much older than you think it is? What if I told you that things you never even considered […]

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