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Your brand is the public perception of your company. This is so much more than the visual representation of your business. “Brand” is what people think about your company when they hear your name, or when you're not in the room.

The Long Path To Becoming A Thought Leader

Most people never believe that they have something special to offer the world. Most people have way more knowledge than they realize — but hesitate to share it. They want to become a thought leader in their industry, but the distance between there and where they are seems insurmountable. There will always be people ahead […]

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Differentiating Your Business From The Competition

No matter what service or product you offer, there are a substantial number of competitors that offer something similar. If you were a customer, what would make them choose your business over the myriad of others out there? This is one of the first things I like to know about the clients that I collaborate […]

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