Case Studies: SEO for Industrial Repair Shop in Major Region
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SEO for Industrial Repair Shop in Major Region

We Helped an Industrial Repair Machine Shop in a Major Market Boost Their Rankings and Get Better Leads

A machine shop for heavy industry approached us for help with help with their website and SEO. Phase one was tackling issues related to site speed, technical SEO, some web development, and content planning. Phases two and three was content creation aimed at some of their most important keywords. This industrial repair shop targets a region in the US that includes some major markets. They face competition from several shops that cater to the same market segments.

Our mission was to make sure that their site was more competitive for both action-oriented and informational research keywords, positioning them higher in Google rankings for targeted searches.

The target audience for this industrial machine repair shop is Operations Managers and Facility Managers. We helped them increase many of their keyword rankings substantially in Google. Our client reported that they are getting more qualified leads that fit their ideal client profile since working with Locekdown SEO.

Out of the 40 initial keywords we were tracking, we boosted 21 in Google rankings, with only one keyword going down.

Ahrefs data, keywords blurredWe blurred the keywords shown in this rank tracker to prevent competitors from figuring out what we are targeting. One of the keywords ranking #1 raised 26 spots in the rankings. One of the keywords now ranking at #2 was not previously in the top 100 results. Also, one of the keywords ranking at #4 rose 46 spots in the search results. Another keyword at #6 was previously not in the top 100 search results.

Ahrefs data, keywords blurredIn this screenshot, the keyword at #13 was previously not in the top 100 search results in Google. One of the keywords at #20 was not previously in the top 100 organic search results on Google. The keyword phrase at #23 raised 41 spots in the Google search rankings.

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