Case Studies: Saugatuck Rowing & Fitness Club
Fitness club: stationary bicycles in view

Saugatuck Rowing & Fitness Club

A SEO Audit Helped This Fitness Club Get More Signups

Now, I know that we always talk about how we specialize in SEO for manufacturing and industrial companies. However, we wanted to show you that SEO can benefit all kinds of businesses.

For this athletic club, we did a SEO audit, then completed all the items on the list we put together in a one-time local SEO campaign. As you’ll see in a bit, they made significant improvements on some of their target keyword phrases.

The Backstory: How We Came to Work Together

Saugatuck Rowing and Fitness Club was a rowing club founded by Dr. Howard Winklevoss, whose twin sons had learned to row under the guidance of Coach James Mangan.

Dr. Winklevoss wanted to create a rowing club for people of all ages, and founded the first club of what would eventually become RowAmerica. This was the Saugatuck Rowing Club.

Fast forward several years, and some East Coast agency friends of mine had designed a site template for RowAmerica. The team at Saugatuck Rowing and Fitness wanted to make some custom adjustments to the theme, but the original agency didn’t have the resources to do it at that time, and forwarded their contact information to me.

We helped them build and launch their new site in October of 2017. Later, I pitched them on an SEO audit, and some follow-up work. They said yes, and we got to work.

The Goal of the SEO Campaign

Our mission was to increase their rankings for specific terms in their target market, so they get more fitness club membership signups.

They were already ranking for “rowing club” in their market of Westport, Connecticut. But, they were ranking on page two or three of Google for key search terms like “health club”, “athletic club”, “fitness center”, and “fitness club” for Westport, Connecticut.

The Results of the SEO Campaign

We improved their rankings on key phrases from page 2 and 3 and not appearing in the local 3-pack map, to being on page 1 and appearing in the Google 3-pack map. This helped them get more organic search traffic and more club signups.

The screenshots below are all from November 4th, 2018, using a tool that simulates search from Westport, CT.

Google search results page, fitness club Westport CTSearch for “fitness club” from Westport, CT

Google search results page, fitness club Westport CTSearch for “westport fitness club” from Westport, CT

Google search results page, health club Westport CTSearch for “health club” from Westport, CT

Google search results page, fitness center Westport CTSearch for “fitness center” from Westport, CT

Quote From Suzanne Pullen, then General Manager

Suzanne Pullen

Suzanne Pullen

Fitness Club Advisor

Lockedown Design & SEO’s expertise and focus on customer service have been much appreciated. They maintained constant control of the project, working efficiently and providing prompt, valuable communication. The knowledge they displayed and the personal attention they showed us were outstanding.

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