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Raptor Blasting Systems

Helping a Manufacturer of Industrial Goods Sell More Products

Raptor Blasting Systems is a manufacturer of industrial-use blast cabinets headquartered in Sacramento, CA. This family-owned business launched in 2015. Since then, Raptor Blaster has been introducing more sandblasting equipment to their product line.

We started working with them in Q4 of 2017. They reached out to us because they were frustrated at seeing other brands and inferior products rank ahead of them. At that point, they were more reliant on their distributor network for generating sales than they wanted to be. What they wanted was a steady sales channel (aka organic search) for selling more blast cabinets directly (B2B), rather than going strictly through distributors alone.

Google Analytics chartRaptor Blaster organic Google search traffic showed 419% increase from our efforts vs. previous eight-month period.

What We Did To Help Raptor Blaster

We asked the president of Raptor Blasting Systems, Rick Hayes, to work with us for six months, and he trusted us enough to choose us to be their SEO company over one of the larger corporate SEO firms (even though our monthly retainer was a bit more). What we were able to do in that time has helped his business immensely.

Like we do with all our industrial SEO clients, we started with an in-depth SEO audit of the Raptor Blaster website, their competitors, and developed a six-month game plan for moving up the rankings for our targeted keywords. We then executed on that plan for improving both on-page and off-page SEO factors.

Project Goals and Their Solutions

Goal #1: Raptor Blaster needed to drive more qualified sales traffic to their website through Google and Bing. Before we began, they were not ranking in the top ten pages for the majority of their target search terms.

Goal #2: Get more RFQs from potential B2B buyers. What’s important to note is Raptor Blaster was not targeting the low-end of the market. Several brands already sell low-priced, essentially disposable blast cabinets. However, Raptor Blaster is targeting production shops that require durable machinery that will hold up to heavy everyday use.

Goal #3: Help build the brand to the point where people are asking for it by name. No matter if the economy is going up or going down, we want Raptor Blaster to be getting a good portion of the market share for blast cabinets.

Goal #4: Drive enough sales to where direct sales are greater than distributor sales. (We got them to this point by the beginning of month five). This ROI alone made the campaign a success.

Google Analytics chartRaptor Blaster organic Google search traffic compared: May 7, 2017—Oct 14, 2017 against Oct 15, 2017—Mar 24, 2018.
Before us: Traffic is flat at 50 visitors per week. After us: Organic search traffic is 6x and climbing in less than six months.

Google Analytics chartRaptor Blaster active users compared: Apr 14, 2017—Feb 24, 2019.
We started SEO for them in mid-Oct 2017.

We Also Redesigned Their Website For Better Conversions

One of the things we believe in very strongly is that SEO is all about improving everything you can, and measuring how that influences the rankings. We know that the design of a website can have a tangible effect on SEO.

From the beginning of the SEO campaign, we used a tool called CrazyEgg to see where people were coming from, what they were clicking on, and what areas of the page they were interacting with the most. Based on these findings, we came up with a fresh web design for 2018. The resulting redesign makes it easier for customers to find what they need, improved site functionality, and reduced page load time.

Raptor Blaster home pageRaptor Blaster new site design for 2018

Summary: Spring/Summer 2018

From our SEO efforts, Raptor Blaster is getting more RFQs and revenue through direct sales than they ever have before. The organic search traffic has doubled about every six weeks so far (from Oct 2017 to Mar 2018). Several of their money keyword phrases are ranking on page one of Google and Bing, and the many of their search phrases are on page one or two. (Remember at the start, they were not even on page ten for most of their target search phrases). We are continuing to work with them in 2018 to improve, measure, and continually focus their online marketing efforts, as they continue to grow market share.

Raptor Blaster home pageRaptor Blaster continues to get more organic search traffic through strategic SEO.

Quote from Rick Hayes, the Company President

Rick Hayes Raptor Blaster

Rick Hayes

President, Raptor Blasting Systems

I hired John to work on my SEO rankings and my internet presence has gone through the roof. I can’t thank Lockedown Design & SEO enough for the increased sales that have resulted from their work!

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