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Making Information Easier To Find for a Local Labor Union

Engineering Technicians and Technical Inspectors is a local union here in Sacramento. We first started working together in late 2015, when their web developer went AWOL (and still had control of the old domain name), and they needed to migrate their site to new hosting.

In the time since then, we’ve done some minor upgrades, such as adding an email newsletter, and making the site mobile-friendly. But, the website was overdue for a redesign.

ETTI home pageLook up the old site in — this one is much better!

Project Goals For the Redesign

Goal #1: Make documents easier to find. Most ETTI members only go to home page, so everything they may need should be there. We also added a Latest Documents box to each post on the website, so members could get the latest PDFs and presentations from nearly every single page on the site.

Goal #2: Simplify categories, and make accessing specific information more intuitive. Before, there were separate categories for Meeting Minutes, News, Members, News, and others.

Goal #3: Add a new page for ETTI members to submit photos of the members in action, at job sites, or in official capacities. This feature was to instill a sense of pride, and recognize members for their contributions to engineering on new development projects.

Goal #4: Add comments to posts on contract negotiations or other member news. This would be a way to get feedback in between meeting cycles.

Goal #5: Make upcoming events more prominent and easy to scan. We had an events calendar in place, but it was not prominent on the site. The new design puts the events calendar in an easy to find spot on the home page.

Goal #6: Replicate the experience of the desktop on mobile. The previous site was technically mobile-friendly, but frankly, it wasn’t a very good layout, and we could do better. Instead of building on top of the old code base, we scrapped the entire theme and built a new one from scratch, so that we could get exactly what we were looking for.

Custom Web Design and Development Provided For ETTI

We rebuilt the entire backend of the site with a custom-built WordPress theme, with focus on improving the mobile experience. We consolidated existing posts into logical categories, and deleted old categories that were not relevant. Latest documents are now available on nearly every page. We also reworked the home page to call attention to the things ETTI members would be most interested in. Lastly, we commissioned a new logo for ETTI, which they can use on the website and all their official materials.

ETTI archive pageDefault archive page view

View the ETTI website

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