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Surf E-commerce online store product page

Jaz Kaner is a well-established surf instructor based in Huntington Beach. I had done some WordPress maintenance work for him before on his site, previously. In late 2015, he approached me about building an e-commerce site for a surfing product that he and partner Phillip Rose were in the process of manufacturing.

Home page of, a surfing e-commere website

TikiGrip is an adhesive grip tape for surfboards. This product replaces surf wax, which is messy, hard to maintain, and an overall time suck.

In other words, who wants to be removing and reapplying wax when they could be riding a wave instead?

TikiGrip replaces surf wax, and a six-pack of TikiGrip takes care of most short boards for up to three years. Sounds like a bargain to me.

My mission was to create a scalable surfing e-commerce website that was also easy to edit and maintain. Of course if had to be mobile-friendly.

Surfing Website: Mobile-Friendly E-commerce site

From a technical standpoint, the structure of the site also needed to be:

  • Optimized for page speed and performance
  • Technically sound for SEO, from a structure standpoint
  • Have great user experience
  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at and use

On the Checkout page, I wanted to improve the customer experience. When you go to fill out checkout fields, they are a soft blue, indicating they need to be filled out. Valid fields turn a soft green, and invalid fields turn a soft red.

This saves time and increases conversions, because customers can instantly see what fields they need to fill out before submitting the checkout form.

Screenshot of the checkout form on, a surfing e-commerce website

The Contact page has the same form styles as the e-commerce portion of the site. We added a Google Map as a banner at the top of the page so locals can obtain TikiGrip without having to wait for the mail.

Screenshot of Contact Page, a surfing website geared around e-commerce

I’m truly excited to be a part of this product launch, and I hope it takes the surfing market by storm.

Jaz Kaner

Jaz Kaner

Owner, Banzai Surf School

John has been terrific; He hits all the deadlines, responds to issues quickly, and worked overtime to address my (many:) needs. Highly recommended.

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