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Classic Muscle

We Helped a Classic Auto Restoration Shop Get 278 Qualified Leads in Six Months

Classic Muscle is a new classic auto restoration shop in the Sacramento area, servicing vintage cars manufactured before 1975. Before launching their new auto repair website, Classic Muscle was using their Facebook page for a marketing hub. The goal of this ongoing project is to give them more visibility, establish their brand as the top classic auto restoration shop in Sacramento, and bring in more work to their auto repair shop.

Their popularity has grown since we launched their site. They get leads from all over California. In fact, they got 278 qualified leads in the first six months of 2020 alone.

Classic Muscle Shows Year over Year GrowthWe tripled the organic Google traffic to Classic Muscle in the first year.

Read to the end to see how we ranked then #1 in Google for their target search term.

Classic Muscle Shows Year over Year Growth128% year over year web traffic growth from Aug 25th, 2017 to Aug 25th, 2018.

This was a multi-stage project in which I had to address several technical challenges.

Project Goals and Their Solutions

Goal #1: Classic Muscle owner Brandon Kelley needed a way to easily update his site once it was launched, so he doesn’t need to call every time he wants to add something to the site.

Goal #2: When potential customers come to the website, it must look great on every type of device, and be easy for older people to navigate. This is something that many auto repair websites do not currently do well.

Goal #3: Our ongoing goal is to get his site to rank in the first page of Google for local searches. New businesses have more of an uphill battle than established businesses with local SEO. This is because their domain name is brand new, they don’t have any back links or local citations, and they start with no local reviews.

Goal #4: When customers are searching for a classic auto restoration shop here in Sacramento, we want Classic Muscle to be the obvious choice. It is important that the website reflect the quality of their brand, and how they do business.

Goal #5: Provide an easy way for Classic Muscle to collect information from prospective customers and get important information about their automobiles.

Web Design Provided For Classic Muscle

Our design was focused on matching the branding, look, and colors associated with the Classic Muscle brand. We made sure the site was both mobile-friendly, and easy for people of all ages to read and navigate.

Classic Muscle home pageClassic Muscle home page

One of the biggest challenges was to decide how best to let Brandon update his website easily. He had already assembled large photo albums of specific types of auto work and customer builds. In the end, we thought it was easiest for Brandon to embed these Facebook albums into the website, and update the albums from Facebook.

A website that gets updated on a regular basis is better than one that doesn’t.

We also put in a custom contact form for getting the information Brandon needs to intake customers quickly and accurately. This includes places to put in information about Make, Model, and Year of the automobile.

Our SEO Efforts and What We Learned

Our local SEO efforts paid off fairly quick, especially since this was a brand new site. In phase one of our SEO, we built the appropriate links and local citations. In phase two, we did outreach for links and mentions. Phase three was getting local reviews.

Ranking an auto shop #1 in Google for their local marketApril 2017, #1 in Google for their target search term

In a few months, we were able to get Classic Muscle to #1 for their target search term. Part of this is due to the fact that their site is mobile-friendly and user-friendly, and most of their competitors do not have a mobile-optimized site.

Another part of the equation is Brandon’s site gives customers the quality content that they are looking for. People can see the photos and videos of the work that Classic Muscle does, and that encourages them to spend longer on the website.

User experience is a big part of SEO. Making sure pages load quickly, not slowly; and making sure customers can navigate the site easily are also a part of good web design and SEO.

Yelp Review for Classic MuscleHere’s a recent example of how Classic Muscle got instant business from an out-of-town customer by improving their SEO.

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Follow Up: Late 2018

As a result of our SEO and conversion focused web design, the phone is ringing off the hook at Classic Muscle. They are booked out for several months. As a result, Brandon has been able to build a small business that is growing, and provides for himself and his family. All this would have been nearly impossible without the qualified leads he is generating from organic search traffic.

Classic Muscle web traffic: 128% Growth Year over Year128% year over year web traffic growth from Aug 25th, 2017 to Aug 25th, 2018.

Quote From Brandon Kelley, the Business Owner

Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley

Owner, Classic Muscle

Hands down, the absolute best in customer service and professionalism we’ve seen. Thank you Lockedown Design for our amazing site and all of your dedicated, hard work!

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