Automatically Change The Copyright Year In WordPress

A common question for website owners is “How do I automatically change the copyright year in WordPress?” Most WordPress themes have a place in the footer for copyright information or site credits. Sometimes this is in the footer.php file, sometimes it’s not. It depends on the theme. I’d like to show you not only how […]

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Repost Old Content To Social Media From WordPress

Have you ever seen seen Twitter accounts that seem to post archived articles on a semi-regular basis? Chances are they are using some sort of automated plugin with their WordPress site to achieve this. On social networks like Twitter and Facebook, the timelines go by very quickly. Consequentially, posting a link to your latest article […]

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Focus on Top-Line Revenue, Not Cutting Costs

Cash flow is like oxygen for businesses. Without cash flow, a business will asphyxiate. The ability to consistently turn a profit means survival. Businesses that are in the danger zone — right on the line between financial comfort and anxiety, often turn to cutting costs. I agree that cutting costs is a good idea, but […]

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