Content Marketing Positions You As An Industry Expert

Content marketing is a customer acquisition strategy that most businesses know about but few take advantage of. (If you’ve never heard this term before, content marketing generally refers to blogging, videos, podcasting, and even print.) Content marketing works by positioning your business as an expert in your industry. When your prospects are looking for information, […]

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Setting Clear Expectations For Work Performance

Businesses of every size value high performing employees. Savvy businesses spend a lot of time thinking about what characteristics their company culture should exhibit. The ultimate goal is to hire the most talented employees, who are self-starters, and take ownership of their work and any problems they encounter. But hiring is not a perfect process, […]

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What Makes a Design Portfolio Effective?

There’s a malady that’s common in many web design portfolios. They are filled with images of the finished design artifacts, but they don’t elaborate on whether or not they actually solved their client’s problem. In many cases, they don’t even address the reasons why each client was prompted to seek out professional web design in […]

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