Does Brand Recognition Affect SEO?

Before we discuss what potential influence brand recognition might have on search rankings, let’s look at a recent history of SEO. As little as five or six years ago, SEO could still be disproportionately affected by certain tricks. These included keyword stuffing, exact match domains, fake business names, exact match link anchor text, and link […]

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How Does Your Agency Measure the ROI of a Website Redesign?

Your website is the foundation for your online marketing efforts. As a growing company, you re-evaluate your website periodically to make sure it is serving your business objectives. One question you should be asking your partner web agency is, “How will you measure the ROI of a website redesign?” I believe that any website redesign […]

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The End of Agency Siloing: Collaboration Between Web Agencies

Today I’m going to call out one of the biggest problems that I’ve seen in the web agency space. This is the pattern that I’ve seen I repeated in many places, and something that should cease immediately. Instead of collaboration between web agencies on joint projects, oftentimes we see the siloing of different agencies, and […]

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