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John Koinange is a digital marketing associate and regular contributor for the Lockedown SEO blog. His work has appeared in numerous online publications.

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Does Page Speed Really Help SEO?

Take a moment and look at your website with fresh eyes. It’s aesthetically pleasing and you upload amazing, quality, and relevant content. Additionally, your backlink profile is indisputably on the right track. However, when the site speed is sluggish, potential site users must be patient since the webpage load time is longer than expected. Will […]

Difference Between Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords

Keywords are the building blocks and lifeblood of website content and search engines. Targeting the most appropriate keywords serves two key roles; content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Short tail keywords are much more general search queries, usually of one or two words. Long tail keywords are more search specific queries, and tend use […]

5 Ways Manufacturing Companies Can Improve Their SEO

Have you ever seen a manufacturing company that says they have too much business? The truth is, manufacturing companies that don’t rank on the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs), miss out on potential business leads. Many manufacturing websites look old and neglected, aren’t user friendly, or make it difficult for potential clients to find information. […]

Does Capitalizing Words in the Title Tag Affect SEO?

Does it make a difference in your Google rankings if you capitalize words in title tags? In a straightforward sense, no, it makes no difference. However, it’s important to understand how Google bots crawl, index and rank website pages. In most instances, people focus on the meta description rather than the title tag to determine […]

How Does User Experience Help SEO?

SEO is mainly encompassed by three overarching factors: creating quality content, earning relevant backlinks, and an optimal user experience. However, most SEO practices overlook the importance and necessity of user experience (UX) as a key element of Google’s ranking algorithms. Link-building and optimizing content are integral but inadequate on their own. All three factors must […]

Should You Use Google Entity Stacks for SEO?

The short answer is NO. “Google Stacks” aka “Google Entity Stacks” or “Google Authority Stacks” are a link-building tactic that leverage Google properties to build relevance and information about your brand, content, and keywords. These “stacks” use interlinking Google properties like Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, custom Google Maps, and Google Sites to try […]