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5 Ways Manufacturing Companies Can Improve Their SEO

John Koinange

John Koinange is a digital marketing associate and regular contributor for the Lockedown SEO blog. His work has appeared in numerous online publications.

Have you ever seen a manufacturing company that says they have too much business?

The truth is, manufacturing companies that don’t rank on the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs), miss out on potential business leads.

Many manufacturing websites look old and neglected, aren’t user friendly, or make it difficult for potential clients to find information.

This is depressing because if your manufacturing website isn’t easily found in Google and Bing, then getting leads will be difficult, not to mention converting leads into sales.

Based on our extensive experience and research, here are five tips for optimizing your manufacturing website for organic search.

1. Build a Cutting-Edge Website

In a world that’s continuously evolving, change is a necessity. Manufacturing SEO underscores the need to keep up and get ahead of these trends. Therefore, it goes without saying, getting ahead means working smarter.

Manufacturing companies should invest in decent hosting and an equally professional design for their websites. You have heard the phrase, “dress for the job you want”, and your website sticks to the same principle. Appearances matter, both in representing your company’s professionalism, and for rankings (via user signals). You can leverage an upscale presentation to help inspire confidence and land more business.

In search engine algorithms, building a cutting-edge website helps immensely. Good design, including mobile-friendliness, also implies quality and attention to detail. These are irreducible minimums for manufacturing companies willing to rank high in search engine results.

2. Don’t Just Sell, Take Time to Educate

A common mistake I’ve observed while working with many manufacturing companies is the obsession for transactional sales pages. There is a huge potential in diversifying your web pages to include more informational pages with relevant content.

Research indicates most potential clients perform a search query before making a final purchasing decision. Manufacturing companies keen to rank higher should consolidate common queries and provide an informational page about those common queries.

Informational pages, and any other relevant data available on a website other than transactional pages, act as a vital tool for your manufacturing company. Such pages can capture leads, inform potential clients about your business by answering their queries, and can further act as the first point of communication between the company and potential clients. In so doing, informational pages are indirect sales pages too and drive organic traffic to your site. Aim to sell while informing your customers! Create value.

Web content that meets the user intent and matches purposeful searches will continue being rewarded with higher rankings.

3. Publish Videos That Tell Your Story

Are you on TikTok or YouTube?

I’m not speaking about the sheer uncontrolled madness of everyone wanting to share something irrelevant, but rather targeted and insightful information. TikTok underscores the massive popularity of videos in digital marketing. YouTube is the second-leading search engine behind Google. Furthermore, most machinery and manufacturing enthusiasts would choose a visual illustration over reading an article. I sure enjoy that means of communication too.

With options like YouTube and TikTok to spice up the content and reach an even wider market, manufacturing companies must offer videos showcasing their products and services.

Non-textual marketing is an emerging trend in digital marketing. Manufacturing companies can create relevant and useful audio-visual content for their target audience. Search engines will index and rank such information and improve overall rankings.

4. Build Links From Industry Websites

Ranking is a multidimensional process. Getting your business listed on Facebook, Yelp and local business directories is a step in the right direction but inadequate in driving the much-needed traffic towards your site.

Getting listed at authoritative industrial directories can start off your link building efforts and push your rankings higher.

Sending the correct brand signals by earning links from relevant sites, such as local business listings, newspapers, and professional bodies, among others show search engine algorithms that your brand can be trusted. This is a sure way to scoop some organic traffic and send it to your website.

Consequently, aim to establish your brand by building links with interrelated sites.

5. Pay Attention to Analytics, Look for Insights

To understand your website metrics, use the Google Analytics and Google Search Console to measure whether your SEO efforts are yielding results. For instance, you can see the site visitors, most viewed pages, and what sources are sending you traffic, among other insights. From these insights, your manufacturing company can decide where to focus and enhance your content publishing on your website.

How Does SEO Help Industrial Manufacturing?

This section sums up the value of SEO to all industrial manufacturers.

  • Build trust. A successful SEO strategy builds confidence in the target audience. By answering relevant queries in a convenient, precise and knowledgeable manner builds authority. It eases the conversion process.
  • Brand Awareness. If your site ranks higher and increases traffic, it increases the likelihood of people buying from the company. Brand awareness results to qualified leads and more clients in the sales funnel.
  • Increased Customer Retention. If you can grab the attention of potential clients by higher ranking, it becomes easier to retain such a customer if you offer provide quality products. Therefore, focus on topping the SERP pages.
  • Conversions. With authority, trust and visibility, manufacturing companies can make sales to potential clients.

Does Your Manufacturing Company Need Help with SEO?

For any queries on how to implement SEO for your industrial manufacturing company, feel free to reach out to us and we can determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

This will allow you to concentrate on product improvement and fulfilment, while we work with you on website optimization.

Remember to contact Lockedown SEO. We help manufacturing companies get more qualified leads by optimizing their online presence.

John Koinange

John Koinange is a digital marketing associate and regular contributor for the Lockedown SEO blog. His work has appeared in numerous online publications.

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